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The art of systems.
About SYR Systems Inc.

Principles and Beliefs

  • Success is measured by our ability to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.
  • Our work is based on clearly documented and agreed upon statement of approach, deliverables, schedule and fee structure.
  • Our work is conducted as a partnership with our client, requiring on-going communication and joint decision making.
  • A Partner of the firm is assigned as the senior manager for every project.
  • Regular steering committee meetings are conducted with the client to report status, ensuring active client participation and timely resolution of issues.
  • Recommended solutions are based on sound and proven techniques and technology.
  • Commitment to solution development through prototyping.
  • Project planes are based on early delivery of critical components to ensure adequate client verification prior to deployment.
  • Commitment to integration of the best of breed components achieving a total business solution. No reinventing of the wheel.
  • Proposed solutions are based on comprehensive business and data modeling, resulting in an effective, efficient database design that ensures the automation of the core business and not the procedures.
  • When feasible, all components of the solution should be open, to ensure the ability of benefiting from the evolving technologies and practices.

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