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The art of systems.
About SYR Systems Inc.

Major Strengths

SYR Systems Inc. has established a reputation in the Canadian application software development market as a company with exceptional ability in building high performance systems, using wide range of technologies such as:

  • Main-frames to PCs
  • Programming languages ranging from Assembler to web-based J2EE and OO
  • Database protocols Indexed, Network, Hierarchical and Relational

The evolution of technology provided the potential for corporations to build robust, high quality systems at a significantly accelerated rate. Also, in combination with excellent underlying design techniques, these technologies proved to be substantially easier to maintain. Based on these attributes we build expertise in:

  • Application Architecture and Development
  • Development, Implementation and Support of Packaged Software
  • Recovery of "Out-of-Control" Projects
  • Performance Tuning and Enhancement of established systems

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