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The art of systems.


SYR Systems Inc. financed and developed an advanced System Development Environment Chameleon Development Environment (CDE) that automates the majority of application programming by implementing a data driven model that allows the end user to be an active participant not just in the design process but also in the development and enhancement of the application. This ensures transferring significant control to the expert user to initially define the Application and further enhance it as necessary.

SYR Systems Inc. utilized the Chameleon Development Environment (CDE) in several prototypes and commercial applications. The most significant implementation of CDE was in the development of the Chameleon Banking System (CBS).

Chameleon Banking System (CBS)

CBS - a client-centred, relationship banking system designed for large credit unions and small to medium sized trust companies and banks. CBS, which was first implemented in early 1996, defines a new standard for retail banking systems. Featuring dynamic product development, "relationship banking", flexible product pricing, multiple client profiles and advanced security and control. CBS is the banking system of choice for financial institutions looking to improve their competitive edge. Built on a true multi-tiered architecture CBS delivers the flexibility, high CBS/low cost in an open architecture that is ideally positioned to grow and adapt to business changes and technological advances.

CBS greatly enhances the ability of financial institutions to improve their competitiveness in today's fast-paced marketplace. From rapid product definition to electronic banking CBS sets a new standard in retail banking systems:

  • Employs both Browser based and Client/server architectures that optimally partitions the client and server functionality
  • Database independence - support for any SQL-based database product
  • Platform independence - multiple flavors of UNIX, Windows NT
  • Innovative, flexible table-driven database that allows the organization to control financial product definition and prepare customized products for specific groups of clients.
  • Support products such as telephone banking, loan origination and much more.

Technical Environment:
The system was developed under SCO UNIX.
It is installed at the client site with the Server running under IBM 6000 running AIX operating system.
The user stations are Web clients or Windows based. The application is developed using SYR Chameleon Development Environment (CDE)

Chameleon Development Environment (CDE)

SYR's new advanced System development tool, CDE, is built to deliver the sophisticated functional capability that is required by any institution today. It takes advantage of today's modern Web based and object-oriented software engineering technologies and provides several options for implementation and use. The CDE system offers a highly expandable environment through which constant system changes can easily be implemented. CDE has been designed to provide basic functionality required by organizations and allow the addition of modules which can be tailored to suit the needs of the organization. It has an underlying technical architecture that allows great flexibility in choice of hardware and operating system software platforms and the ability to interface to a range of other data base products.

CDE is a unique system providing several features that are critical to today's system development needs:

  • User-controlled user interface
  • User-Controlled Parameter Definition
  • Table and Relationship control
  • Interface flexibility
  • Institution Organization Definition
  • Extensive Search Capability
  • Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Data analysis
  • Administration functionality
  • Architecture conducive to Internet integration
  • Enhanced Security functions

CDE Characteristics

Certain business and technical considerations are paramount in the software and hardware architecture of CDE:

  • A participant information file, with extensive relationship definition, is at the heart of the system.
  • International activity is accommodated through multi-lingual capability.
  • Forms and electronic interface are supported.
  • Investment protection is improved by allowing technology choices - database manager, operating system, hardware platform.
  • The system focuses on delivery of function - it leverages on the excellent tools available in the market, it does not try to reinvent them.
  • The enormous range of power offered by the CDE design is fully recognized.

The system has a relationship data structure and will operate with the major SQL database products, including Oracle, Informix, Sybase, DB/2 and SQL Server. In terms of scalability, the system can run on a single station PC or on a multi-tiered platform with a distributed database, utilizing a mainframe database engine and dual Pentium servers. In this mode, the system will support unlimited number of workstations.

CDE Highlights

The system delivers advanced architectural and functional capability to support innovative and competitive business applications.

CDE is the heart of the system, providing institutions with unprecedented flexibility, increased efficiency, and significantly improved time to market.


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Advanced Parameter definition
  • Support Facilities
  • Correspondence generation
  • Management and Ad Hoc Reporting
  • On-Line Help

CDE Components

CDE consists of five major components and several complimentary modules. The major components are: the On-line processing engine, Electronic file processing engine, Form interface engine, Report and batch process request engine and Audit and control facility.

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